The Lord is Sifting a Generation!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The Lord began a major sifting in February when the entire world was put on lock-down. As we were drawn out of our public worship houses He was calling us into deep, intimate fellowship with Him. He has been exposing the lukewarm and hypocritical Christian who seems to lose their religion without a church service going on. When he’s alone and all is quiet, where do his thoughts run to, who does his heart rely on? Is he still a fervent prayer? Or is it no longer fun without an audience? Is he still worshiping the Lord, is it awkward because he’s all alone? Is he still reading his Bible, or choosing other activities?

This has been a time of testing and sifting—who really knows the Lord? Who genuinely has fellowship with Abba when no one is looking and your prayer life is private?

Has there been a real relationship with Him, or has it all been for show and to receive accolades from man?

As pandemonium seems to increase, are you going to be shocked, alarmed and in fear? Or are you prepared for the intensifying heat and tribulations to come?

Where is your faith? Are you relying on a man, on a priest, or a pastor or a group of people? Are you relying on the government? Are you relying on your wealth, social status or title?

The days are approaching where our total reliance on and surrender to God is what will sustain us.

Will you endure until the end? Are you ready to truly follow Jesus, and lay your life down as He laid His down? Copyright © Ann Lindholm 2020

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