No one can force you into relationship with the Holy One. It comes from desire. It comes from a longing to know him. Knowledge of the Holy is the only way we’ll be transformed from the inside out. Just hearing about him on Sunday morning isn’t going to save you. We must have relationship with him. Until you choose to make time to get to know him, he may merely be an acquaintance at best and this should frighten us, considering what God tells us is coming in Last Days.

“Away from me, I never KNEW you.” Jesus

I get it it. You want to hear positive things, upbeat thoughts. Some of you have scolded me for speaking these hard truths. Some of you have gotten angry at me and even blocked me. I’m ok with that. I know that this is a message God wants his people to hear. It’s not all buttercups and’s not. Not everyone will be saved and teaching so is not Biblical truth and if you’re being taught that in church, run! There’s a scary reality of the Last Days coming for those who haven’t submitted their lives to the Lord. Being a “good” person isn’t enough. You must die to self and be resurrected a new creation by the blood of Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit. People get ready! Copyright © Ann Lindholm 2020

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