How far will we be Allowed to Go?

Updated: Feb 4

I’ve been pondering a lot on life lately. The past few days I’ve been reflecting on human history of growth and technology. If we go back to BC (Before Christ) days and look at their innovations, it’s intriguing how they were able to accomplish so much, yet had very little advancement compared to the 20th Century. As we look over time there was/is a rapid rate of increase in knowledge, science, communication, technology, etc. Just to think only a couple decades ago there were no power lines, automobiles, trains, etc. A couple thousands of years ago much less. No towering sky scrapers, commercial jet liners polluting the skies, enormous sea vessels carrying tons of oil...Think about it, embryonic cell research, replicating of living DNA, surgery in the womb, prosthetics, moon and Mars landings, satellites...

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