In marriage you have consistent intimacy with your lover that is private and exhilarating, moments that only the two of you share and know about...until...everyone knows you’ve been with him because it SHOWS! You’re glowing! There’s something different about you! You’re smiling and full of excitement.

And then, it happens. You start experiencing morning sickness and eventually your baby bump appears. The life inside of you continues to grow and MOVE! Others can see and feel it. You are radiant! You are beautiful!

The day comes! A little sporadic discomfort that increases to intense pain and possibly nausea. You wonder if you can make it through the labor. It’s exhausting. But you know what’s on the other side, you push on! You labor intensely and with purpose.

Alas, the precious new life squeezes its head through the ring of fire bringing excruciating pain! Then the shoulders! Then the baby has completely arrived crying out it’s first breath and bringing you the greatest joy! Immediately baby is placed upon your breast and you begin to nurse this new life. So it is, or should be, in our walk with Jesus. We spend times of intimacy with our Lover in the secret place where no one knows or sees us. Those moments of intimacy birth inside of us, causing us to glow radiantly as the passion intensifies and increases. We go through the pregnancy stage and then we experience the labor, oh the painful labor of birthing what’s inside of us. But the glorious day comes when we get to hold that babe on our naked chest and nurse its precious life to one day become an independent lover of Jesus who will repeat the process and produce more fruit! Copyright © Ann Lindholm 2020

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