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Living Holistically Well

Author Interview
Episode 3; Season 8

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God's Masterwork

The often overlooked or underrated role of “housewife” is probably one of the most important and necessary roles that exists. If we are going to make a godly impact on the world then we must first begin within our own homes...(Click image to read more)

Faith Watch

Have you ever thought that God could never love you because of the things you have done with your life? Well our program today will encourage, inspire and bring you great hope and comfort in knowing that God desires to be reconciled to you because He loves you. Our guest today is Ann Lindholm who authored, Love to Reconcile: The Heart of the Father. If you feel disconnected from God this program is for you! Ann shares her powerful testimony of reconciliation to God and how we can be reconciled to others!

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The Collaborative Press

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am a “murderer set free!” My record has been completely expunged and I will be discussing this in one of my upcoming books! It is not what you may be...(Click image to read more)

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