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"Just" a Housewife

The Powerful Role that Shapes Generations

Love to Reconcile

The Heart of the Father

If you feel distant from God, this book is for you!

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Is it hard for you to imagine that God could forgive your past? No matter what sin you have committed God loves you and desires to be reconciled to you.

Love to Reconcile reveals:
The heart of the Father for His children.
How we can receive forgiveness from God
How our personal relationship can be healed through reconciliation.

If any of your relationships are strained, this book is for you! If you feel distant from God, this book is for you! If you are breathing, this book is for you!

My Story

Ann Lindholm is the wife of a former US Army Ranger (Her hero) and mother of four children and one son-in-law.  She homeschools her three younger children and is a full-time homemaker and a very part-time companion sitter for hospice.  Ann also walks in inner healing and deliverance ministry with other ladies and couples.  She created a ministry called Damascus Report, where she shares bible lessons and ministry for the broken.  She is a devout follower of Jesus Christ and attempts to be led by the Spirit in all that she does.  Although she is far from having arrived, she has learned a great deal through personal life experiences.  Ann became an unwed mother at age nineteen.  She has experienced some personal trauma in her life that she has had to overcome emotionally and spiritually.  She raised her children for twelve years while her husband was deployed or away at training much of the time, faithfully serving our great nation.  She grew up Roman Catholic and gave her life completely to Christ at the age of twenty-one.  Her salvation experience was dramatic and life-changing.  It is from these experiences and her personal relationship and growth with the Lord that she passionately writes and yearns to share the love of Jesus with whomever will listen.  

Writer, AuthorAnnLindholm writes books about spiritual growth and self-help from a biblical perspective and personal experiences.

Books  by Ann  Lindholm

The forgotten and often forsaken role of housewife has led to a broken society. In "Just" a Housewife the author will explore why this important role must be resurrected to save future generations. From a biblical standpoint, "Just" a Housewife touches on every aspect of the role from homemaking to health, from childrearing to cooking. You won't want to miss the highly sought after surprise at the end either! Hear about amazing testimonies regarding her children's miraculous healing and protection in the Family Health chapter! Sit back, grab a cup, or a pot of coffee, and join her on the journey of being "Just" a Housewife.


Amazon & Barnes and Noble:
I could not put it down! This book was so rich and full of God's Word and godly wisdom and advice. It made me feel not only validated as a housewife, but encouraged to continue in my pursuit of fulfilling the duty God has called me to. Even on the hard days. I highly recommend this book for all women, especially newlyweds. I pray God uses this book to help reshape the American family unit, as it is endangered these days. - Anonymous

This would be a great book for a wedding shower gift or for newlyweds. For a great start to bypass the struggles of learning the art of being a good housewife, instead of the hard way and wrestling for positions. It's a great example to follow. Very thorough. It is an honor and privilege to serve the Lord, your husband and your family. Thank you Ann for writing this book. - Brendastr

I thoroughly enjoyed Ann’s book, Just a Housewife! This is a very practical guide for those who have responded to the highest calling a woman can accept--- and that is one of a housewife or homemaker. Even though this book may offer some obvious solutions, for many in today’s culture being a housewife has all but become a lost art. I love how the author describes the importance of being supportive, and recognizing who the head of the household truly is, God. I found her personal stories and somewhat of a Christian Dear Abbey approach to housekeeping inspiring and refreshing. She also includes some long time favored recipes which I am excited about trying out, as well. I know that if you are wondering about how to be a better housewife, mother and successful woman in the home, you will enjoy this read! - Blessed One

Love to Reconcile reveals:

  • The heart of the Father for His children.  

  • How we can receive forgiveness from God 

  • How our personal relationship can be healed through reconciliation.  


If any of your relationships are strained, this book is for you!  If you feel distant from God, this book is for you!  If you are breathing, this book is for you!


Amazon & Barnes and Noble:

Beautifully and lovingly written! Ann reminds us that no sin is bigger than God, and that He loves us no matter what sin we have committed. Ann uses her knowledge and understanding of the bible to bring us many examples of God's love and forgiveness for us when we repent of our sins. I would recommend this book for anyone who is in need of reconciliation, and who among us isn't? - Amazon Customer

This is a beautifully written book about how God's love for us is bigger than we realize sometimes. Ann uses her knowledge of the Word coupled with personal testimony to remind the reader we are never too far from God, despite what we may think. I love that this book is full of specific scripture references, it makes it so easy to follow along and have a bible study at the same time! The helpful tools at the end are amazing as well! Way to go Ann! - Holley Watts

The author, Ann Lindholm, did an excellent job revealing the Father’s heart from Old Testament all the way through the New Testament with His desire for reconciliation with His children. Using scripture and personal revelation, she brings to light His great love and desire for relationship with every individual. She goes on to share not only His desire for individuals to be in right relationship with Him, but also His desire for our relationships with each other to be reconciled to love and peace and even our nation to be reconciled to God. Ann uses many relevant scriptures to highlight His heart and finishes the book with thought provoking tools to use for application of the reader. Every person whether far off from God or actively seeking the Lord will benefit from this book. - jcbondservant

Author Interviews

Have you ever thought that God could never love you because of the things you have done with your life? Well our program today will encourage, inspire and bring you great hope and comfort in knowing that God desires to be reconciled to you because He loves you. Our guest today is Ann Lindholm who authored, Love to Reconcile: The Heart of the Father. If you feel disconnected from God this program is for you! Ann shares her powerful testimony of reconciliation to God and how we can be reconciled to others!
Listen here.


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Are you experiencing inner wounds that you can't seem to get past? Do you feel stuck in life but know there is more you have been called to do but just aren't sure what that is or how to achieve it? Have you experienced loss or pain from broken relationships? 

Don't put it off any longer! It is time for you to overcome these obstacles and reach a higher purpose and meaning in your life. Learn how to harness all that God has called you to be. Gain a revelation of your identity as His child and what that means for how you live your life. Learn how to partner with God in all that you do and become successful in your daily ministry to others through your home life, job, and church. 

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Our mission is to walk with you in partnership with the Lord to discover your true identity based on your sonship and inheritance in the Kingdom of God and help you step into that role unleashing Holy Spirit power, boldness, anointing and freedom through the Word of God and a lifestyle of prayer which leads you to carry the ministry of reconciliation with those around you.

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